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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

So, I get a lot of compliments on my brows and believe me it took a long time for me to perfect them.! But I have now mastered a routine for my brows that I find gives the perfect natural brow look, which can be enhanced even further with the use of brow makeup to keep yourself looking quiche at all times. Read more to find out the simple steps i follow in my brow routine!

A key step I think a lot of people miss out when trying to achieve the perfect brow is that you need to have a solid base to start with; if your eyebrows are over plucked, uneven or the wrong shape I highly suggest taking the time to grow them out so that in the long term you are achieving a higher quality brow look.

I myself prefer threading to groom my natural brows as it’s quick , easy and gives a look close to perfection. I always start with this step every 4 weeks and the difference can be seen in the first two pictures.

The makeup step is easy whether you do or don’t have great natural brows , but alas I have created the high quality diagram above to portray the relevant steps, ha.

I use the Sleek brow kit in Dark £8.49 from boots and 100% swear by it, it’s reasonably priced, lasts all day and creates a blend-able look with a flawless finish.

1.     Starting with the Pink line first I line the full under side of my brow using the brow paste and an angled brush ,

2.     Moving on to the Blue line I then trace the top of the brow starting around ¾ away from the start to allow for blending so there isn’t a harsh , fake line to make you look as if you aren’t a true brow connoisseur.

3.     Anyway! The next step is to use the excess product on your angled brush to blend the product through the entirety of your brow using more towards the end and less towards the start of your brow to create that flawless but subtle eyebrow fade.

4.     Finally I follow the shape of the Baby Blue line to add my highlighter to finish the brow off and give a highlight to the arch.

All these steps combined should give you eyebrows that are truly on “fleek” … ha , yeah never saying that again.

Until next time.

LKR x 

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